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Arduino Uno R3 Development Board ATmega328P With USB Cable

499.00 360.00 inc. taxes

  • It is an easy USB interface. This allows interface with USB as this is like a serial device.
  • The chip on the board plugs straight into your USB port and supports on your computer as a virtual serial port.
  • It is easy-to-find the microcontroller brain which is the ATmega328 chip.
  • It is a 16 MHz clock which is fast enough for most applications and does not speed up the microcontroller.
  • It is very convenient to manage power inside it and it had a feature of built-in voltage regulation. This can also be powered directly off a USB port without any external power.
  • It has a 32 KB of flash memory for storing your code.
  • An on-board LED is attached to digital pin 13 to make fast the debugging of code and to make the debug process easy.
  • It has a button to reset the program on the chip.