Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera

We’re pleased to announce a new member of the Raspberry Pi camera family: the 12.3-megapixel High Quality Camera, It’s really rather good, as you can see from this shot of Cambridge’s finest bit of perpendicular architecture. At 69 years, King’s College Chapel took only slightly longer to finish than the High Quality Camera. And this […]

Polyimide Heat Resistant/High Temperature

Customers often ask us what the temperature resistance is of our polyimide tapes and films. Though this is a very normal question to ask, it’s not as simple to answer. Temperature resistance of any product is made up of the temperature resistance of each of its parts. Even the concept of “temperature resistance” leaves a […]

LM35 Temperature Sensor Pinout, Interfacing guide, Circuit Construction and Working Principles

LM35 is a temperature sensor that outputs an analog signal which is proportional to the instantaneous temperature. The output voltage can easily be interpreted to obtain a temperature reading in Celsius. The advantage of lm35 over thermistor is it does not require any external calibration. The coating also protects it from self-heating. Low cost (approximately […]

MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V/5V

The 3.3V/5V output MB102 Breadboard power supply module is an easy to use, most useful breadboard component that can be added with any breadboard related projects where 5V, 3.3V or both power requirements are required. Its ease of use allows users to connect any DC power supply unit that has 6.5-12 VDC power output from […]

Wildcraft Hypashield W95 Reusable Mask

Engineered with a 6-layered triple filtration system, the HYPASHIELD W95 reusable protection mask is your perfect outdoor essential. This mask is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes. Carefully designed for all weather conditions, keeping breathability and comfort in mind, the HYPASHIELD W95 reusable outdoor protection mask keeps you safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, […]


XBEE USB is an embedded solution providing wireless end-point connectivity to devices. These devices use the IEEE 802.15.4 networking protocol for fast point-to-multi point or peer-to-peer networking. They are designed for high-throughput applications requiring low latency and predictable communication timing. In this article, we will learn How to Configure ZigBee/XBee Pro. Introduction to ZigBee/XBee Pro […]